Sunday, April 08, 2012

Haters Hating Their Own Kind

Something really heartbreaking happened at the office not long ago. A Christian-owned, private hospital in a rural, Southern community had a critical need for a Psychiatrist. In this particular Southern state, this hospital is allowed to practice preferential hiring for Christians--as an exercise in its freedom of religion. But they discriminated against a Christian, because she doesn't "look like a Christian."

A fantastic physician, by all available measures, had applied for the role of Psychiatrist. In the pre-interview questionnaire from the hospital, she affirmed her Christian faith. Yes, she had a long name with lots of letters. She is most certainly not a WASP, but she grew up a Christian, in a Christian family, in the Middle East. Yes, they still have Christians in the Middle East.

Perhaps her parting shot best summarizes how this hospital, its patients, and its community will suffer because of such short-sided, small-minded, and stupid practices. The doctor said, "I don't feel so bad being turned away from this place. They would probably turn down Jesus Christ himself, since he was born and lived closer to my homeland than to theirs."


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